Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is a professional pathological liar, con artist, malignant narcissist, demagogue, stalker, sexual harasser and cyber-criminal.

Although originally of Iranian descent, he was expelled from his country due to his ongoing frauds and deceptions. Keshe lived in Great Britian, Belgium, Italy, United Arab Emirates, and Ghana, where he currently still resides. Ongoing legal problems and criminal investigations force him to move from one country to another to escape law enforcement. In several countries there already exists a ban against Keshe, because of which he will be arrested upon arrival.

Keshe is married to Flemish former prostitute Carolina De Roose, with whom he has one son. Keshe’s two older sons reside in Great Britain. They stem from Keshe’s first marriage in Iran.

While living in Belgium, Keshe launched his most formidable scam, the “Keshe Foundation”, years ago. This foundation claims to be working on new technology, free energy, space travel, cures for all diseases, and world peace. Furthermore, the Keshe Foundation claims to be non-governmental and non-religious. Keshe also claims to have valid patents, but he never paid the registration fee. None of Keshe’s claims are true. The Keshe Foundation is a proven fraud organization.

When in 2014 Keshe claimed to be the long awaited Messiah, there was no longer any doubt that the Keshe Foundation is a cult and a major scam. His habit of blaming his victims for his own failures indicates that Keshe is a satanist who plans the demise of his targetted victims in advance.

For several years, Keshe has been selling overpriced bogus products. All of them are based on stolen ideas, none of them were invented by Keshe. Some of them must even be considered dangerous, such as exploding “free energy units”, “health units” or oxide pills for oral intake.

Cult sessions are broadcast on the Internet as so-called “knowledge seekers workshops”, some of which contain heavy slander against Keshe’s critics, debunkers and former supporters. They are being accused of being pedophiles, murderers, child traffickers, or secret agents. Those cult sessions are traumatizing and hard to listen to and could be considered Internet terrorism. Keshe also organizes cult meetings in major cities such as Rome.

Although there is an arrest warrant against Keshe and his wife by the Belgian police for fraud and illegal human experiments, Keshe still continues his sinister quest, as he hops from country to country. Because of his professional scam methods, he was briefly able to fool the American military, the Italian Civil Protection, and the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission. Keshe must therefore be considered as highly dangerous and criminal.

After complaints by hundreds of victims of the Keshe Foundation, and despite of all the known facts, platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Livestream or Zoom still host Keshe’s pseudo-science and slander sessions and therefore assist him in damaging innocent individuals.

If you would like to bring these criminals to justice before they can do even more harm, please file a complaint against cult leaders Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and Carolina De Roose at your local police station, or inform Interpol or other law enforcement agencies. Any help in bringing these social parasites to justice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in the name of humanity.




Mehran Tavakoli Keshe


Carolina De Roose


Belgian police to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe
Belgian police to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe – english translation


Belgian police to Carolina De Roose


Keshe’s patent status: “deemed to be withdrawn”



Keshe at one of his scam conferences in Ghana 2016


Keshe openly teaching satanic symbolism


Fake magazine cover, created by Keshe Foundation cult followers




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